Psi Upsilon

What is Psi Upsilon?

Psi Upsilon is a small gender-inclusive fraternity located next to BARH at 2140 Burdett Avenue. Currently, we have 10 active brothers and we focus on building strong friendships and being true to yourself. Our friendship and brotherhood are unlike any other.

As a co-ed fraternity, Psi Upsilon boasts a wide variety of interests among its brothers. These interests range from board games to anime to arts and music, with each brother having unique interests that we accept wholeheartedly.

While Psi-U has the history and ritual of a fraternity, we focus on individual interactions between brothers. We foster friendly and cordial relationships between all of our members, creating a group that is easy to talk to and fun to hang out with. This camaraderie allows us to provide friendly, but effective support to any brother that needs or requests it.

Our fraternity provides a family away from home. We work together and play together, having a good time while we support each other as we make our way through college.