Brass Perkins

Brass Perkins, Computer Science, I enjoy playing video games, fencing, discussing medieval studies, hosting Shadowrun, and stargazing.

Rose Bollerman

Zachary English

I'm Zachary English, a Biology major who likes video games, RPGs, and pointless arguments.

Jeremy Young

Hi, I'm Jeremy Young. I'm old. I hail from the lower left corner of Connecticut. Some things about me... My super powers include a superhuman level of sarcasm, I love all games, Rubik's cubes, and anime. My hobbies are murder, swimming, and "accidentally" messing up my sleep schedule.

Evan Spoor

My name is Evan Spoor, I'm a mechanical engineer, and I enjoy reading and playing music along with just generally being nerdy with friends

Alex Beard

I am an Architecture major who is also interested in art, math, and video games.