Tejas Narayan

I'm Tejas, and I am a Math and CS major. I'm pretty active on RPI campus and am a part of several clubs. So, you've probably seen me around running events like Union After Dark. I do a lot with student government as well, having in the past served as an officer of the Undergraduate Council and a member at large on the Executive Board. I'm currently a VP of the IFC.

Hunter Rouillard

Physics and Computer Science Major

I'm a budding pianist and I relish in experiencing new foods and new cultures. My mind is always excited whenever there is a good puzzle to solve or when there's a good pun to be had.

Auntiewhnor Kpolie

Hi, I’m Auntiewhnor Kpolie. I’m a junior Mathematics major with a concentration in Applied Mathematics. I am in Art Club, Writing Club, and the RPI Symphonic Band, where I play the baritone horn. I like to free-write in my spare time. I am also currently teaching myself cross-stitching in an effort to be more creative. Besides my interest mathematics, I am also taking a basic drawing class in order to be closer the arts.

Julian Mintz

Julian Mintz, physics/math, interested in cooking, teaching physics, outdoor activities like hiking

Emily Spoor

My name is Emily Spoor, I'm a mechanical engineer, and I enjoy reading and playing music along with just generally being nerdy with friends

David Mealie

Hi, I'm David, Im a mad rocket scientist intent on building rocket engines and *not* blowing myself up in a glorious fireball of science...

Jackson Perkins

Jackson Perkins, Computer Science, I enjoy playing video games, fencing, discussing medieval studies, hosting Shadowrun, and stargazing.

Christina van Hal

My name is Christina van Hal. I am a Mathematics major and I plan to minor in Mandarin Chinese. I'm from Texas and I've been to most of western Europe, Russia, and Indonesia. I like sewing, knitting, drawing...basically, art of any kind. I occasionally do LARPs and RPGs. D&D is my favorite. I also write fan fiction.

Ian Holland

I'm Ian, a duel physics computer science major and current chapter president. I am a big fan of start trek and doctor who and spend my spare time playing games and larping.

Honor Wernecke

Honor Wernecke, Majoring in Architecture, I love video games, anime, and power tools.

Darrian Gardea

I'm Darrian Gardea, a Computer Science major and an avid video game addict. I watch a lot of anime and cosplay as my favorite characters at various conventions back at home in California.

Tilon Dixon

Tilon Dixon, CS Major, loves games and drawing

Alyssa Beard

I am an Architecture major who is also interested in art, math, and video games.

Jeremy Young

Brian McGrath