Jeremy Flessner

Jeremy Young

Hi, I'm Jeremy Young. I'm old. I hail from the lower left corner of Connecticut. Some things about me... My super powers include a superhuman level of sarcasm, I love all games, Rubik's cubes, and anime. My hobbies are murder, swimming, and "accidentally" messing up my sleep schedule.

Tilon Dixon

Tilon Dixon, CS Major, loves games and drawing

Ian Holland

I'm Ian, a duel physics computer science major and a bit of a nerd. I am a big fan of start trek and doctor who and spend my spare time playing games and larping.

Brian McGrath

Julian Mintz

Julian Mintz, physics/math, interested in cooking, teaching physics, outdoor activities like hiking

Hunter Rouillard

Physics and Computer Science Major

I'm a budding pianist and I relish in experiencing new foods and new cultures. My mind is always excited whenever there is a good puzzle to solve or when there's a good pun to be had.

Beau Colberg

Eric Jacobson

Richard Massimilla

Evan Spoor

My name is Evan Spoor, I'm a mechanical engineer, and I enjoy reading and playing music along with just generally being nerdy with friends

Cheick Thera

Alyssa Beard

I am an Architecture major who is also interested in art, math, and video games.

David Mealie

Hi, I'm David, Im a mad rocket scientist intent on building rocket engines and *not* blowing myself up in a glorious fireball of science...

Auntiewhnor Kpolie

Hi, I’m Auntiewhnor Kpolie. I’m a junior Mathematics major with a concentration in Applied Mathematics. I am in Art Club, Writing Club, and the RPI Symphonic Band, where I play the baritone horn. I like to free-write in my spare time. I am also currently teaching myself cross-stitching in an effort to be more creative. Besides my interest mathematics, I am also taking a basic drawing class in order to be closer the arts.

Christina van Hal

My name is Christina van Hal. I am a Mathematics major and I plan to minor in Mandarin Chinese. I'm from Texas and I've been to most of western Europe, Russia, and Indonesia. I like sewing, knitting, drawing...basically, art of any kind. I occasionally do LARPs and RPGs. D&D is my favorite. I also write fan fiction.

Honor Wernecke

Honor Wernecke, Majoring in Architecture, I love video games, anime, and power tools.

Jackson Perkins

Jackson Perkins, Computer Science, I enjoy playing video games, fencing, discussing medieval studies, hosting Shadowrun, and stargazing.

Rose Bollerman

Zachary English

I'm Zachary English, a Biology major who likes video games, RPGs, and pointless arguments.